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The following is an extensive list of our projects and clients with whom we've worked:

Provide Sizes 1, 2, 3S, XL, and 4S Trainings and Supervision to :
 - BC Hydro, Vancouver and Victoria
 - Alabama Power, Birmingham AL
 - Central Maine Power, Portland MA
 - Mass Electric Power, San Juan PR
 - Toronto Hydro, Toronto ON
 - Ottawa Hydro, Ottawa ON
 - Waterloo Hydro,  Waterloo ON

Provide Services to Remove 3 x Faulty 145KV Oil Filled Terminations and Replace with Pfisterer EST 170 Terminations

Provide Connex Size 4 Training to Utility Crews, and Installations of Connex Sizes 3S and 4S Connectors for the New Kenmore Substation, and Ball State University Campus.

Provide Installations and Testing of Connex Size 5S  145KV Terminations for 3 PSE&G Substations at  Hawthorne,  Fair Lawn, and Paterson New Jersey

Anchorage, Alaska

Provided certified installation of Pfisterer Connex Size 6 Connectors for Main Lighting and Power. 

Kissimmee, Florida

Provided certified installation and Hi-Pot testing of 18 Pfisterer Connex Size 4 72KV Connectors for Kissimmee Utility Power 69 KV substation.

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Provided certified installation services including VLF testing of 69 Pfisterer Connex Size 3 36 KV Pluggable Connectors for 35KV Plant Substation.

Surrey, BC

Provided certified installation services for 72 Pfisterer Connex Size 2 25kV Connectors, 78 - 3M Cold Shrink and 6 Elastimold Load Break elbows.

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Provided certified installation and VLF testing of Pfisterer Connex Size 2 Connectors for Pembina’s RFS 2 Substation.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Provide certified technician for the disconnection/reconnection of Pfisterer Connex Size 3 Connectors from Barge submarine cable to shore power

Tucson, Arizona

Provided Certified Installation Services for 12 Pfisterer Connex Size 5S 145KV Pluggable Connectors for the new Power Distribution at U of A Medical Centre

Portland, Maine

Provided training certification, and technical assistance for Pfisterer size 3 Connex pluggable connectors for new Seimens GIS installation at existing substation

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Provided certified install of 24 - 72KV Pfisterer Connex size 4 connectors and plugging assistance for PD test procedures

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Provided installation of 8 - 145KV Pfisterer ESF Outdoor silicone terminations for existing substation expansion

Hillsboro, Oregon

Provided training certification and technical assistance for Pfisterer size 2 and size 3 Connex pluggable connectors for new Siemens GIS installation at Intel site

Saudi Arabia

Provided certified installation for 170KV TypeTest of 3500MCM jacketed lead sheath CN, XLPE cable at Kinectrics Test Lab in  Ontario. Built test circuit consisting of ESP 170 Oil Filled, EST 170 silicone outdoor terminations, MSA 170 Splice UG, ESG170 gas insulated and Connex size 6S 245 separable connectors

Davenport, Iowa

Provided technical assistance and certified installation of Pfisterer size 3 - 35KV And size 4 - 69 KV Connex cable connectors

Edmonton, Alberta

Provided technical assistance and training for size 3 - 34.5 KV Connex separable connectors

Various Substations in BC
(2010 - 2012)

Provided technical assistance and supervision for: 

  • BC Hydro Crew at Port Hardy and Port McNeil substations for size 3 and size 4 Connex Separable Connectors
  • Western Pacific Cable Crew at North Vancouver substation for size 3 and size 4 Connex separable  connectors and repairs to faulty Voltage Indication system installation

Certified installation of Pfisterer size 4 Connex connectors at BC Hydro Substations throughout BC including Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Lake Cowichan, Lynn Valley, Valemount & Fleetwood

Portland, Oregon

Provided technical assistance, and certified training for Pfisterer size 3 - 35KV Connex cable connectors in main substation

Sidney, Ohio

Provided technical assistance and certified installation of Pfisterer size 3 - 35KV and size 4, 69KV Connex cable connectors in main substation

Saguenay, Quebec

Provided services to repair and reinstall Pfisterer size 3 Connex connectors installed improperly by others

Saint Laurent, Quebec

Provided certified installation services to install Pfisterer Connex size 6 - 170KV separable connectors at PCS and Agrium Sites in Vanscoy, Rocanville, Scissors Creek and Lanigan, Saskatchewan

Pincher Creek, Alberta

Installing, testing and connecting 45 -34.5 KV size 3 Pfisterer Connex connectors into GIS and transformer in main substation

Dawson Creek, BC

Installation, testing and connecting 39 - 34.5 KV size 3 Connex connectors and Elastimold non-loadbreaking separable elbows and 3M cold shrink terminations

Various areas, Alberta

Removal, replacement and testing of 6x 1c 500MCM Al 25KV underground cables in Crossfield substation, Crossfield, Alberta. Removal of old terminations on 25KV, 1c #500 MCM AL cables which had been taken out of service due to heating and fault condition. Troubleshoot and reterminate return to service for 18 cables at Christina Lake substation, Conklin Alberta. As well, perform same sequence for 6 more cables at 2 substations in Edmonton Area

The following are projects completed with BC Hydro from 2003 until 2009:

Massett, BC

Terminate, test, and connect new 16x 1000 MCM (4 per phase) generator feeder cables for new diesel generator upgrade project

Great Central Lake, Port Alberni, BC

Complete electrical and instrumentation upgrade to Penstock Intake Valve house including new MCC, and fabrication of new control panel, and changeout ofold 300# air and hydraulic lines to stainless steel, and Swagelok lines, and including new radio link to the generating station. Installation of new 300KW emergency generator and transfer switch, including Underground services and concrete slab. Control room lighting upgrade, including new t-bar ceiling. Installation of 75KW propane emergency generator, and generator building, and Intake gates control upgrade, at the Elsie Lake Intakes. Repairs to parallel 1c #1000 MCM 15KV generator feeder cables. These cables had pulled the original terminations apart with the expansion and contraction of the armour and jacketing

Campbell River, BC

250 kw emergency generator, generator building, protection and control building with 129v DC battery bank installation at the campbell lake intakes sluice gates auxiliary power distribution and control, and emergency generator. 27 mw units #1 and #2 instrumentation, control, and alarm indication upgrade and remote readout panels for metal temperatures, oil temperatures, oil levels, and cooling water flows for thrust, upper guide, lower guide, turbine guide  bearings, and governor air / oil, and accumulator levels and pressures. Plant sump level digital pump controls upgrade including milltronics guided  wave radar heads, and installation of 6” stainless steel stilling wells

Campbell River, BC

New governor air compressor and receiver tanks, and electrical, controls. Instrumentation, and mechanical tie-ins and commissioningfor units #1, and #2. Plant sump level digital pump controls upgrade including milltronics guided wave radar heads, and installation of 4” stainless steel stilling wells. Electrical upgrade for McCoy Lake intakes, and installation of new variable frequency drive controls. Sluice gates auxiliary power distribution and control, and emergency mobile generator

Campbell River, BC

Sluice gates auxiliary power distribution and control, and emergency mobile generator

Prince Rupert, BC

Generating station, and intakes, station service electrical upgrade

Courtney, BC

25kv electrical station service feeder cable installation. X-raying and concrete coreing of control room floor, and sleeving for electrical and control system upgrade for 3 x 150 hp pumps to control water flows to DFO’s Puntledge Fish Hatchery, as provided by BC Hydro

Lillooet, BC

Complete plant electrical station service upgrade and changeover, including 25kv, 13.8kv, and 600v and 120/208v services. Changeout 15kv neutral ground resistor cable on generator unit #1, and test

Goldbridge, BC

Complete plant electrical station service upgrade and changeover, including 25KV, 13.8KV, and 600V and 120/208V services. Installation and commissioning of new 250 KW emergency generator and transfer scheme

Shalalth, BC

Complete plant electrical station service upgrade and changeover, including 25KV, 13.8KV, and 480V and 120/208V services, removals and repairs to 15KV 1c #1000 mcm lead sheath cables poured pot head terminations found to be leaking

Port Moody, BC

Plant sump level digital controls upgrade including Milltronics guided wave radar heads, and installation of 6” stainless steel stilling wells. removal of old burned up 5KV cooling water pump feeders

Jordan River, BC

Intakes building complete electrical upgrade, and installation of 50KW standby emergency generator, at the Elliott Lake dam intakes. Low level valve hydraulics controls upgrade package at the Elliott Lake dam intakes

The following are projects completed with Fortis BC from 2000 until 2010:

Castlegar, BC

Repairs to and retermination and testing of ABB 15KV, 2500MCM cables, for generator feeders units #1, 2, 3, 4. as above, including shortening of generator end and installing 2000A flexible connections between cables and generator buss

South Slocan, BC

Repairs to and retermination and testing of ABB 15KV, fully bonded, parallel 2500 MCM cables, generator feeders unit #2. The original cable terminations installed were the wrong terminations for this type of cable. We worked closely with raychem, tyco to design modifications to their 25KV kits to accommodate the expansion and contraction experienced with these cables, as well as a new clamping system to accommodate the various layers of the cables. remove original potheads from 6x 1c 2000 MCM paper insulated lead cables. unit #3 generator feeders, shorten cables and and reinstall potheads in pull pit, and return to service for new ABB exiter installation. These were original cables installed in 1928, still in perfect condition. done for temporary operation terminate new 6x 2500 MCM 15 KV teck cables generator feeders from unit #1 rewind project

South Slocan, BC

Terminate new parallel 6 x 2500 MCM 15 KV teck generator cables for
generators # 1 and #3 rewind and exciter projects

Some of our earliest and oldest clients:

Trail, BC

Provided high voltage cable splicing for 3c 750 MCM Lead Sheathed PILC cables in various manholes, as part of Power Redistribution Project

(2000 – 2010)

Terminations on 6x 25KV 1c 2000 MCM cables at Oyster River Substation. Terminations for 25KV tie ins to new Yukon Energy power grid at Minto. Minesite, Shearwood Copper, Pelly Crossing, Yukon. Do overhead and under ground 25KV, cable tie ins at new Terasen Gas storage facility, Mt. Hayes, Nanaimo, BC. Reconfigure existing 25KV overhead to underground cable installation, including splicing in new u/g cable, testing, and returning to service for GVRD Seymour Watershed Facility, Vancouver, BC

Nanaimo, BC

Provided high voltage cable splicing and testing services for various sizes and types of cables. This work involved PILC and XLPE cables and the installation of poured pot heads, oil switches, non loadbreak and loadbreaking separable connectors, and regular terminations within existing metalclad switchgear. Provided cable splicing services for change out of 13.8KV bus lineup in g3 generator building. Provided cable splicing and termination services for new g4 generator install

Crofton, BC

Provided medium voltage cable splicing and testing services for various sizes types of cables. this work involved PILC, XLPE, and Hendricks style shielded overhead, Kerite insulated cables, and also involves emergency work on faulted cables and assistance to the mill project crew. Repairs to and splice in approx 50 ft of new teck cable into 3c #750 MCM, 15 KV main mill feeder cables from substation, and test and return to service. Install, terminate, test and connect 9x 1c 500 MCM 15 KV teck cables. Installation of complete mill alarm and evacuation system, including rooftop. Removal of and rerouting ofelectrical services within the old woodroom in preparation for demolition, involving 15kv, 600v, communications and fire removal and replacement of 12 x 1c 500mcm 1KV MCC feeder cables and cable tray system burned up in cable tray fire, and putting back into service. Supply and install fpe poured pothead on 15 KV, 3c#250mcm teck cable for replacement transformer on #2 paper machine provided 15 KV terminations, splices, and testing for mill shutdown to install new “b” and “c” bus lineup switchgear on 2 week shutdown, 2007. Involved  approximately 160 terminations, teck cable splices, and pilc splices

Campbell River, BC

Provided medium voltage cable splicing and testing services, involving repairs and returning to service of faulted cables, damaged by fire

Vancouver, BC

138KV / 25KV main incoming substation expansion and relocation of existing reactor and capacitor banks and associated cable feeders

Chetwynd, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, BC

Provided assistance for substation and metalclad switchgear repairs and upgrades. Provided medium voltage cable repairs and installations with associated switch-gear installations and modifications

Nanaimo, BC

Replacing of neutral ground resistor on main incoming 138KV transformer. Removal of surplus 18 MVA rectifier transformer and 36,000 amp DC. Rectifier, and associated DC buss work. Provided repairs to 13.8KV capacitor feeder cables, leaking water, and test. Installation of new 129v DC battery bank, and rack with seismic bracing, for tripping and charging circuits for substation switching. Provided manpower for annual shutdown, and associated electrical assistance including the removal and reconnecting 50,000 amp flexible buss connections. Supply and install new replacement 138KV motorized incoming disconnect switch at main substation. Remove old GE 138 KV OBC, and replace with new gas insulated breaker in main incoming substation replace complete substation ground grid and perimeter fence grounding in main incoming substation, and replace surface crush rock

Nanaimo, BC

Provided emergency assistance and project management for replacement of 25KV cables and overhead powerline destroyed by fire. This involved the assembling of engineering, field services, pole line, and 1km of 25KV underground cable installation, to determine the cause of the fault, and to return to operation within a 10 day window

Campbell River, BC

Provided emergency 25 KV cable repairs within their underground and above ground operations, and within their power generation facilities

Campbell River, BC

Removed old 25KV overhead power distribution, install new gang operated air- break switch and primary metering and cable terminal pole, and 1000 mtr of 3 x 1c 25KV direct buried cable feeding 2000KVA transformer

Private property high voltage services we provided between 2000 and 2013:


Install 2KM, 25KV cable, Air Break switch pole, 3 pad mount transformers, in ground manholes, loadbreak and non loadbreak elbows, and cable testing


Install 600m 25KV cable, Air Break switch pole, 1 pad mount transformer, and loadbreak elbows, and cable testing

Installed 750m 25KV submarine cable, air breakswitch and terminal pole and 500m 25KV direct buried cable to pad mount

Supply and install new 25 kv 1c#1/0 submarineand fibre optic cables from Thetis Island to Dayman Island, and similar cross island direct buried cables, as well as new pole line air break and metering, and metalclad fused loadbreak switch and 75 KVA and 125 KVA transformers (pad mounted) for power distribution to 2 residences on Dayman Island


Worked in conjunction with Shields Navigation, Vancouver, BC, to retrieve and do repairs to (design, build and install submersible 25KV splice) faulted submarine cable feeding Hudson Island, off Chemainus, BC