We provide Pfisterer Connex installation, training & support to Canada and the United States.

Tripower also maintains a conventional Medium Voltage cable Crew (3M, Raychem, IPP, Elastimold terminations and Splices), and Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation crew for Installations in Western Canada. 

Cable Splicing & Terminations

  • Installation agreement with Pfisterer since 2011.
  • Dry type GIS Pluggable terminations up to 245 kV including EST & ESF Ixosil outdoor dry type flexible terminations 
  • Pluggable transformer connections
  • Submarine Cable fault mitigation splicing and repair
  • EPR, XLPE, Paper insulated Lead Cable terminations, splices and transition joints
  • Compound filled Potheads and Oil Switches
  • Raychem and 3m certified in heat shrink and cold shrink terminations and splices


Certified trainers for Pfisterer Connex up to Size 4 (72 kV) in North America.

Please contact Pfisterer North America to enquire and schedule training.

Pfisterer North America Inc.
130 Gilbert Street, LeRoy, NY, 14482
Phone 1.240.482.4955

Equipment Installations

  • Transformers
  • Switchgear including GIS
  • Cable Pulls
  • Husky Bus Duct Systems
  • Line/Load Break Switches


  • Hi-Potential
  • VLF
  • Tan-Delta


We take pride in offering solutions to our clients to ensure budgets, schedules and goals are met.

Tripowers consultation services offer complete guidance through the design/engineering stage to installation and energisation. Many of our clients have found value service when embarking on their first GIS installation and associated pluggable connections. Assistance such as cable installation, supporting means and clearances required for plug-in and scheduling to avoid conflicts with activities such as switchgear testing have proven to save time and costs.